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  • Screen repair

    What tape model do you use for screen repair?

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    i honestly just type red tape into ebay and buy the first thing that shows up


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      Ok thank you Louis


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        The best tape is 3m 300LSE. I use red tape too as its more cost effective, but 300LSE is tape equivalent of amtech 559.

        Watch videos online. Strong adhesion, chemical resistance and heat resistance. This stuff is commonly used in medical tech manafacturing to adhere pcb and thin-film circuits inside of equip. Hint, if you search long enough on ebay u can usually find some small production manufacturers selling scrap cuts on ebay for cheap. Or, if youre ballin, just buy a roll from uline.


        • Tony Tone
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          You think that 3M stuff is good? I must have been seeing knock-off 3M. I think the red tape is superior, no?

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        There is a ton knock-offs. Just like everything else in this industry. Yes authentic is good. What sold me on this stuff was an it shops youtube video of a small square strip holding a laptop to a cardboard box while held in the air. All after only something like a 30 sec press.

        Ive never tested that video claim myself, but ive also never had a seating issue with 300LSE. Once its down it stays down, even when you make a mistake and wish it would come back off. *it will come back up, but not without a fight. Red tape can be a little more forgiving before it sets and is thicker, so when those qualities are needed its the better option.


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          I use Tesa red tape for iPads and naturally used it for gluing MacBook Pro glass in place. Since the surface area is so big, it sticks properly and doesn't budge. Small smartphones with small frames require specially strong double tape. Not the case for those Mac glass.


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            We using 3M 9088 from a few years and it works very well. After repair we using a bit of heat gun and claps for couple of minutes. Never had any problem with iPad/MacBook screen with that tape.


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