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  • CMIzapper Tiresias

    Hi all... I know I am probably late to the party with this... but CMIzapper Tiresias. Do they work and are they any good?
    Thanks in advance.

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      Hi there, there is plenty of posts on here about them that tell you the same: they work perfectly fine to revive these old machines. I still install a couple of them on a weekly basis.
      You loose external video. Brightness control works with the newer versions of the Tiresias. The boards now have a little PWM output for the LP8550; you run a wire for it. Another wire taps into the brightness keys-output on the keyboard-controller. This gives you brightness-control (albeit without the on-screen brightness indicator).
      If you do a PRAM reset, the Mac needs to be turned off first, after that the BIOS is overwritten again and you can boot normally.
      what else do you need to know?


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        captainmac thank you. I only came across this product recently and after watching loads of videos, hearing most repairers will not entertain this problem on the older machines, I was ready to tell my customer no. There are loads of videos on the fitting of these, but no real "trustworthy" reviews. Just wanted to know if this is a worthwhile repair and the overall outcome, i.e. effectiveness and longevity of the repair. I am more than capable of fitting it. don't want the customer coming back after a short while complaining that its not workinhg ( the repair carried out not anything else)


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          No problem.
          I'd stock up on a couple, they're quick repairs and you can charge decent money for them.
          Haven't had much returns, other than a couple where someone managed to damage my jumperwires for the backlight.


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            Thank you, i will grab one and fit it.... TBH, I rarely get any GPU issues, more seems to be Air's with liquid damage...


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