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  • hi I have a problem and would like to post it so I get help.
    Macbook Pro A1989
    Water spillage two months ago. Everything worked well except for the touchbar.
    Yesterday, it stopped working. It does not do the chime at startup, nothing.
    I want to recover that data in the SSD as a priority, fixing the laptop is secondary.
    Thank you
    I dissasambled it to inspect the board and water spillage and it looks good except for the touchbar socket that is a little damaged. Any recommendation on what to do next? I tried disconnecting the battery, trackpad, touchbar and trying to turn it on with the power cable, but nothing.
    . do you guys ever had such a case ? i tryed to put this on the forum but im unable to do anything at all at this point :) perhaps for being new user

    made normal measures to all PWM , all ligns are stable and good solid voltages , clock that i can follow are normal and stable no big flutuation on it . i'm really stuck with this one , any ideas my friend ?
    new trackpad etc etc etc all parts news except board and always same symptom . NOW for ex , if i open facetime for ex (it uses camera therefore clock as well) if facetime is open machine is always stable , no artifact on screen whatsoever .... this case is killing me because i know its something related with clock but due to this shit boardview i can't follow wich direction i should go
    (no decent boardview for it :( , the issue is , while its running and no one is touching the computer the screen will start displaying flickering artifacts and in the moment that you touch trackpad OR you cover up light sensor on camera will make the image on the screen to stable and stay normal !!!!! tryed minimal config all the same ,
    HEY buddy , long time no seen :) i'm Highpulse we've met at badcaps , and when you started developing openboardview i tested it a lot and talked about, with you .
    i've been following this site for sometime but just now registered, i still work with electronics and i actually registered here to share a weird case i'm having with a 820-00138
    Hi, This is Omer from Australia, just wanted to ask for help regarding a liquid damaged macbook which doesnt have DISPLAY at all, PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD is missing. Can you guide me how to fix or trace the problem. (820-3476A)
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