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  • I apologize for the long message I will get to the point, I bought an MSI gE62 with a broken screen, I opened the laptop up disconnected everything, changed the screen and put it back together. the only part on the mobo I touch was the display cable. The device was working before this, it won't turn on, no lights or fans. The power jack is getting the 19.5 along with the power adapter and some parts on the board.
    Originally that is how I found this site and the videos, such a great help and many thanks for those, I can understand and following some of the techniques but don't really have anyone to double check my methods, and my solder work definitely needs improvement.
    I had some questions about the forums, 1st was when can you post a thread? 2nd is I have a problem with an MSi board and was wondering if its okay to post a question about it? 3rd is I operate an eBay store and a electronics recycling shop, we get in a lot of laptops and macbooks where there is some work needed.
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