1707 Crashes and reboots after login

Tony Tone

1707 -928 board I did a simple flex-gate. Customer returns with random crashing. I don't see random crashing. Crashes everytime right after login about 1/3 of way of loading.
Inspection I see no corrosion etc.

I have tried: new screen, battery, trackpad
I have replaced: U7410, 7210, 7420, 7230, 7220.
Also tried: QA640 & QA650
Tried to boot from USB

All of the above there is no change in symptoms. Remains the same. Boots fine, right after you login bar starts, loads 1/3 to 1/2 way and restarts with "your mac shut down bc of a problem..."

Holding D at startup diagnostic says probably a bad fan. Ya right. LOL. They both work fine, not running on high. I've tried with things disconnected etc.
I've tried blasting the CPU with air to keep it cool.
Gone in circles and lost of what else to do?

Tony Tone

And my long standing theory is that a bad battery can corrupt an OS.
This MacBook does have a slightly swollen cell with pock marks on it and 57% health.


Staff member
Thanks for feedback solution; may help other members.
Always discard software issue first, when you note a problem appears at system login.