820-00165 doesn't format or unmount internal SSD


Maybe it's kind of noob question, but I've never had such case. So mentioned 820-00165 doesn't want to format its internal SSD. Actually it can't unmount drive in order to format it. I have tried different drives and different installers - the same result. If I connect SSD with installed system (or I run it from USB) computer works fine, but CPU gets really hot (around 100*C). I have also tried formatting internal drive from USB OS, still the same. I have just flshed EFI with known good BIOS and still nothing. It seem to be PCH issue, am I correct?


Staff member
Same problem if start Internet Recovery?
Did you clean ME region in BIOS?

Try another heatsink, for heating problem.


Yes, the same behaviour when I run internet recovery. I have used clean ME BIOS from you, so I’m sure it was ok.