820-00165 Question mark folder flash, not detecting any SSD Between times


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Blessings engineers,

I am new to this world of repairs.
I have this Mac:

Nice Name: MacBook Air 13 inch Core i5 (Early 2015)
Machine Model: MacBookAir7,2
Family name: A1466
Model Number: MJVE2

Sometimes it does not detect the pci hard disk, try another hard disk, and apparently the problem is some part on the board.

On the other hand, the sound driver also has a problem, it only sounds when it is turned on but within the user it does not detect the driver.

I have tried to reinstall the system, update it and it does not work, just the common sound when I turn it on.

I await your indications in this tremendous Forum.
Thank you....


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Do you really think that someone can appreciate liquid sign from a video???

Inspect the board with microscope, ask the client how the fault appeared...


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Very ugly.
Use schematic/boardview and replace damaged components.
Also check traces continuity.

Thank you very much, I will try to find the names of those components, as I am new, it will make me uncomfortable to discover the names of those components, I will follow your instructions with enthusiasm.


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Do not quote an entire post, visible few centimeters above.
Please, maintain forum aesthetic.

Boardview helps you to locate the components and schematic will give you the values.