820-00840 5v on both ports, 0v on PP1V1_UPC_X/A/B_LDO_BMC


Board had corrosion around U2890, U5810 and CD3215 area but nothing major, all those components were removed and reballed, but board is still in the same state.

Board takes 5V and 0.050A

PP3V3_G3H present on both CD3215
PP3V3_UPC_XA/B_LDO present
PP1V8_UPC_XA/B_LDOD present

PP1V1_UPC_XA/B_LDO_BMC missing, no short and Diode reading is 0.510 on both

Already replaced U2890 and U2800 from donor board as well as the other chip under U2800 that does not come up on boardview, but no change at all.


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Did you check all resistors and traces in that area?
Especially for U2890 and CD3215 chips.
Board should work without U2800; even having USB activity.


Thanks, passed the board thru ultrasonic and found broken trace on a test point that connects one of the LDO lines.