820-00850-A error at every first boot


I'm working on a 820-00850-A from a A1989 with liquid damage.
I have a question about booting the naked logicboard (only charger with ext.HDMI)

At every first boot it comes this error-message:
"Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press any Key or wait a few seconds to continue."

After a view seconds it boots without error into the login mask.
When i restart from the login mask it boots also again without error message.
When i unplug the charger, the next boot is with error message.
Is this normal - booting this board naked? Or do i have an issue?


Same behavior with good battery - tested with two known good batteries.
I also noticed that the touchbar doesn't work - at least it doesn't show anything when booting or in the login screen. Normally it should show something in the login screen, shouldn't it? We have no password for login.


Staff member
Log into macOS, turn off the machine from software and see what happens when turn it on from power button next.
Do not disconnect the battery.


I did get the password from the customer. Login into macOS and turn off from software works fine -> no error-message anymore.
So what do you think - there is no issue? Because i can't remember having such a message before.