820-2915 No chime.


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Board has no liquid damage. No physical signs at all.

No light on USB mouse.
vcore good.

Tried another BIOS chip and got chime, USB mouse light up but nothing on screen. Noticed my error (did not read the board number properly and stuck a 3330 chips on) so put a 820-2915 BIOS chip on there, back to no chime no light on USB mouse.... Guess it's not the chip then.

What to check for please?


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When you got chime did you check backlight output?

I did, it's a no image no backlight. Yes tried another screen / cable.

Tried 2 other BIOS chips from 820-2915 boards and both result in no chime...
Only thing I can guess is that the wrong BIOS is not checking for something that the correct one is and so POST hangs for one and not the other but that is just an uneducated guess. Truth be told I have no fucking clue what's going on here.