820-2915 no video or chime


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I have this 15" 2011 MBP that was not liquid damaged. The fans spin and the cd drive turns on along with hdd light flashes but I get no video.

I tried a PRAM reset but it didn't seem to work. I removed the RAM sticks and turned the machine on and I got the beeping sounds.

I even tried plugging in another working display assembly but I still wasn't getting the screen recognized.
Both displays I plugged in showed 0.1v on Pin 1 U9000(LCD_PWR_EN).

I replaced the DC-in board since it looked a little damaged.
When I plug the charger in to the board only without battery the fans spin for 1-2 secs then turn off then come back on after a second and continue spinning.

I figure this might be the GPU issue but I'm not sure.


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I heated it and the screen backlight came on but the questionmark folder never appeared.
I will be sending this back since the GPU is the issue here.