820-2936 ram/reboot beep problem


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had some liquid damage, cleaned and replaced trackpad cable
lower ram slot had one spec of corrosion and now seems to work fine
I was considering replacing C7525-C7529, on computing HS

turns on and everything works but after being on for like 10 minutes and warming up it shorts out and restarts
sometimes it doesn'tt reboot and the screen goes all crazy like color check board
then it gives the bad ram three beeps
and when i try the top ram slot at this point it also does three beeps

not sure whether I should bother with those computing HS caps, or if its a ram slot problem, or graphic MUX
any suggestions appreciated


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used my crappy cheap ultrasonic (still need to buy a small crest) and it seems to be stable now. but lower ram slot doesn't work at all now, so weird because that was the one that was working before