820-3023 3 beeps


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Check DDRREG for corrosion or pry damage. Or shorted components. I fixed one with corroded resistors and caps on that line.
I've known someone who would reflow the RAM chips to fix possible broken balls.


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Put the board in an oven at 250*F for 5 min... Then reflow the ram... If you don't have a good hot air station your screwed. Use lots of flux and a big nozzle.


Why do you put it in Oven for 5 minute?
To give the board an even heat.
Without preheating the board, a lot of the heat applied with the rework gun will be lost into the ground planes of the board resulting in "popcorning" the chips.


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Well, that I do is preheat it in rework machine and then remove them with hot gun. Much easier I think and much.


I second reflow RAM. The boards are long but not very wide, they are susceptible to flexing when abused. I have fixed several macbook airs with this issue from schools. Preheated board, used proper flux. They haven't come back.