820-3115 no chime from the prachtige bin, because i had some time...


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green light OK
fan spin OK
1 beep when no ram pluged in
usb mouse lights up

but no chime

history i think liquid damage but the board has been at a differnt place before it got trown in my prachtige pile.... they where not even able to get a green light up...

PPVCORE_S0_CPU 1.046 volts

PM_SLP_S4_L 3.314v


Do a PRAM reset and connect an LCD and see if you have an image. Speaker in the case (4 pin) must be connected to hear a chime.


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hi Duke,

tried doing the pram reset, doenst seem to do anything.
check the keyboard on other working logic board and it works.
also have pp3v3_s4_tpad and pp3v42_g3h_tpad on connector and i measure and press the powerbutton ws_kbd_onoff_l goes low
speaker also tested and working on other logic board.