820-3209 Kernal panics and runs like garbage.


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I have 2 3209's here. both from the same customer, Both came in with bad backlights, Both Core i7 2.0GHZ/8GB boards.

Both shut down frequently and have high kernal task.
Both pass ASD EFI, and internal diagnosis. I have been using techtools pro to test them in OSX, all sensors are reading correctly, however the machines shut down during the Memory test in tech tools.

Not sure where to go from here. Anyone seen this before? Ive had issues with 2012 airs doing weird crap like this previously.


BIOS messed with? Serial numbers match the bottom cases?
These boards are pretty garbage with RAM issues and PCH issues :(


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Bottom cases are probably not the same but its from a company that often switches shells around.
Its passed the ME region presence in ASD EFI, Is that not enough? i guess i could reflash them.

Yeah, i feel like there going to start giving me a 1.1v v-core/no post symptom soon enough.


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If it passes the chipset test then the ME is ok. Why was the backlight bad?
Both of them had liquid damage, both only around the lp8550 though, corrosion on them was minimal. With the kernal task being high i really want it to be a bad sensor but they pass ASD EFI and all other sensor tests ive ran