820-3435 no backlight burned lvds cable


I got a board today that had no backlight on the screen and when I looked around the lcd connector there was corrosion and pins 3/4 on the cable were burned. I replaced the connector and now I am waiting on the cable to come in Monday.

I have replaced the cable on an Air board before but could you correct me if I'm wrong. Previously I removed the bezel covering the screen with a painters knife and hot air. The issue I had was removing the black cover that is covering the cable. The last time I did this I broke a piece off of it. It allowed me to remove and replace the cable but it damaged the appearance of the Macbook.

My question is what is the best way to remove the black cover that is surrounding the lvds cable?

I uploaded some images so you can see what I am referring to.
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As far as I know, you should just be able to slide it to the left or right, and then it comes off easily


That doesn't work because on both sides there are display hinge screw holes that won't allow you to slide it out.


I will try that later today.

larossmann dukefawks Another question. Is it possible to remove the bezel without damaging those two strips that are on the bottom sides of the screen underneath the bezel. The last time I was removing a bezel from a machine like this I accidentally cut through one of those strips and it caused lines to be showing up on the screen. I am trying to replace only the cable so I do not want that to happen and this time it's for a customer so I really do not want to mess this up.


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Yes. buy a spatula from utrecht art supply store like the one I use in that a1502 retina video. and be careful!