820-3462 Liquid damage, got power back, no green light.


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Hi guys,

I have an 820-3462 that has been liquid damaged.

Initially it was DOA.

R6920 looked burnt so I replaced it and it burnt out again.
Made me look further along. R5081 and R4902 were shorted so I replaced these.

It now turns on and gives a picture but fans are on full and no green light. I think the PCH is getting hot but am not sure what the usual operating temp for this is. I don't fix many newer MBPs.

I swapped out R7010, as it was reading low, but now the new resistor is reading low too, so there must be a short near by...

Everything seems to measure okay, but I just wanted to describe this behaviour I haven't seen before..

If I plug the charger into my laptop, it goes green. Plug it into the 820-3462, and it goes green.

Plug the power into my laptop again and the light goes orange (mines a little flat now), plug it into the 820-3462 and it goes orange. :|

It seems the light does whatever it was doing last. :/

Any ideas?


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No worries.

SMC_BC_ACOK: 3.389

It boots and feels okay to use, except it never sees the battery.