Hello there, I`m kind of new on repairing motherboards..so I`m gonna ask you to go easy on me please. Basicaly this board has no liquid damage ..or anything like that..it just died on customer..there`s no green light but i do observed this : d7005 or near it gets worm..not hot ..it gets worm ..so if you can help please. Thank you . Hello louis..i`m watching all you videos...when i have time. Thank you and sorry if i`m gonna waste your time :).


So yeah there is a short on the 3V42 bus. Inject voltage on pin 2 of L7095 and see what heats up. Start with 1V and go up if nothing heats. Don't go above 3.5V of course.
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Sorry for the late answear. So i`ve done this , and it get a little bit hot ..near the cirus chip. on my board view, i don`t have this.:) there are 2 caps there...just near the heaphone jack. i`ll upload a photo. I`ll buy soon all the board and schematics.


i`ve replace them and still nothing...but i`m gonna make that as a no fix. Can i ask you here about another board or i need to make another post?