820-4924-a backlight

Liquid damaged board. I cleaned it out, but the blacklight will randomly start flickering. It maybe does it for 30-60 seconds an hour. Don't know where to start.
I changed the LCD still same issue. I don't have a schematic for this logic board. Where is the U7700? There was no corrosion near lcd connector. Only on the back around thunderbolt connections.
Yes I used my shops macbook lcd (which is a 2015). I was hoping to save the $20 to buy the schematic but no worries. I found the u7700, no corrosion around that area.

On a side note: the 2013/2014 lcd works as well. they are the same lcd for future reference.
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You can find the schematics for free too. 4924 is everywhere if you look.
Could also be the lid sensor, check corrosion around J5250