820-4924 lines / no picture when wakes from sleep (backlight present)


This board had liquid damage and was repaired by me. I replaced LVDS socket and ran a couple of wires for damaged traces round the LVDS area.

Machine works perfectly fine until it goes to sleep - either by time or by closing the screen. When waking from sleep i get backlight (apple logo illuminates) but no picture, only a narrow band of lines towards the right hand side. If i power it down (without moving screen) then power up the image comes back and is solid until sleep happens again.

It is not related to movement of the screen as i can move it firmly up and down and image is unchanged.

Any ideas what on earth might cause this ? I've checked continuity of the wires i ran and they are fine. Thanks for any help.


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Probably the CPU/System is freezing when trying to go into or get out of sleep.

Does the system get into S3 or does it get stuck in S0? (Does it have issues getting into S3 or out of S3 :))
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I tried it with an external display with mirroring turned on.
When waking from sleep no image on internal or external.
Unit does wake up (S3 > S0) as i can turn the volume up / down and get a sound response / resume a youtube video (sound only comes through).


Yeah some shitty issue with corrosion somewhere. Could really be anywhere but check all the original damaged areas and repairs first.