820-4924 - Low sound after codec replacement


Hi guys

I got this 4924. It came in with no chime and no sound and no audio devices shown in audio settings. No liquid. Just stopped working one day.

I opened it up and the Cirrus audio chip got a hole burned in it. So I just replaced it. This brought the sound back but at low volume. I made a PRAM reset and the chime is also lower volume than normally. And also the quality of sound is not perfect when playing music.

Cirrus chip was taken from a junk board and reballed. Is something wrong here or could it be something else??



Staff member
Burnt chip could damaged the series resistors/coils from power rails.
Higher value for serie resistor can lower the voltage for the codec...


Took another codec chip from another scrap board. Reballed again. Replaced again. And now it is working