820-4924 Pulsing voltages not turning on


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The customer said this board was put to sleep and ever since then it hasn't turned on. There looks to be no liquid damage after inspecting the board. I get a green light when I plug in the charger but nothing comes on nor does the fan spin(which is common for these 2015's).

I unplugged all the external components(kbd,tpad,screen, etc) except for the dc-in board and I plugged in another one to make sure that wasn't the issue. Here are some voltages I get with no components plugged in
PP5V_S5 - 5.04v then every 3seconds it goes to 5.17v
PP5V_S4 - 0v then pulses to 5.17v
PP5V_S3 - 0v then pulses to 5.17v
PP5V_S0 - 0v then pulses to 5.17v
PPVCC_S0_CPU - 0v then pulses to around 1.7v
PPBUS_G3H - steady 12.58v
PP3V3_S5 - constant 3.36v
PP3V3_S3 - around 0.08v then pulses every 3seconds to 3.32v
PP3V3_S0 - around 0.4v then pulses to 3.32v

Pin 1 of U1950(ALL_SYS_PWRGD) - 0v then pulses to 3.35
Pin 2 (CPUVR_PGOOD_R) - 0.08 then pulses 3.3v
U6100 and the traces look perfectly fine.
I checked about 10 spi termination resistors and they all measured the proper resistance. All the areas are spotless so I don't think there was any liquid damage causing this.

I tried booting in smc bypass mode without the battery plugged in. After doing it the fan will spin for like half a second then stop and every few seconds it will keep doing the same pulse.
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I put another u6100 and it still pulses and does the same fan issue in bypass mode.

Is there any other components that I can try replacing to solve this?


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PPVCC_S0_CPU - 0v then pulses to around 1.7v.
The only thing I have is their word. There is no liquid damage as I can see.