A good lesson in flux

Ruby Fluid. It's a liquid flux that's VERY acidic. NOT for electronics use!! - because it's so corrosive / active. But what if you neutralize + clean it all off completely when done soldering? Why bother? I have at most in my shop - a Hakko FM-203 with FM-2027 and the usual assortment of microsoldering tips. I once had to solder a copper braid ground bonding jumper onto a steel Commodore 64 RF shield. Not enough wattage! Not enough thermal transfer from my largest tip. No matter the flux or low-temp solder used. And then I tried Ruby Fluid. INSTANT perfection!! WTF?? Even without hot-air preheat soak assist.When I have to tin the contacts on the underside of a chip, I see most contacts want to fight! They won't take tinning! I use rose's metal bismuth / tin 50/50 solder. I set temp on Hakko FM-2032 low...I wet contacts with Ruby Fluid = they tin! So I've got a clean-up job to do. That sure beats reflowing a chip that only half the pins take soldering! You gotta work with it some, learn it's behavior to heat. It's well worth it.
I totally agree. Corrosive flux has it place but you have to know the animal your dealing with.

Back in on the tube tv and VCR days people would rip out the RF connectors all the time. The stuff works much better than regular flux and in the case of a RF connector regular flux doesn?t work at all.
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I purchased a bottle of Rubyfluid. I love it so much that I am filling a Menda bottle with the stuff. I do allot of liquid damaged ipads and MacBooks and this stuff is magic for fixing bad pads and plugs. After cleaning I will pull up the loose pad just a hair. Give is some magic Ruby fluid. Flow it with my soldering iron. and Presto! The stuff is magic. I have even started using it with my micro fiber glass brush to clean corrosion when it is real bad instead of my cleaning solution which is vinegar / wetting agent.

When I and done with repairs like that I wash the board off in the sink and with a WaterPick then air dry with a compressor. I really don't use ultrasonic. I am sure it is all washed away and gone when done. I have not had any returns with hair on them yet and have been using it for a few weeks now with amazing results. Thanks for the tip!


I bought a one pint bottle and it will last me for years on the microscopic scale!