A1286 2011 does it worth it?


Hi, somebody wants to sell me a macbook pro a1286 from 2011 for 505$ (cosmetic conditions are good) but it has the issue of the no image on screen.
Is it worth? can I go to apple to fix it for free with the program?
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it's funny because I misread this as saying $50 and I was still about to type that it isn't worth it.

tell him to go fuck himself. $100


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I have also one ready for sale. Goes for 1250,-€ around here but they need to give 1 year warranty
AO t looking dor that


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Too much. For $50 (I misread) I was going to say worth it. I sold one with SSD, charger, 8 or 16G RAM, board replaced from Apple under the extended program for $900. Fully functional and perfect cosmetic appearance.