A1707 tcon board


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I bought an A1707 off of ebay (yeah, I know...). Draws 20V, 1-2 mA. Found one of the GPU mosfets to be short, killing the AMD GPU.

Previous owner reported screen was working fine when the macbook turned off, now on another machine I have backlight but no image, the screen is reported in macOS with correct resolution. I want to revive at least the screen, since they're ridiculously expensive.

I think some PPBUS drove into the tcon board and killed one or more of the display port decoders. I have plenty of broken screens here, but I'm unsure which parts to change. For some I can't find a datasheet.
- 49B1-04 (or -03) seems to be a backlight driver, not my issue
- TPS65156: no data sheet (Intersil 2488D on another board)
- TPS65157: no data sheet (98669A on antoher board)
- LPC812: microcontroller

Should I try and go for the TI chips first?
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