A2485 - Camera not working after LCD replacement.


I know this is a niche and its unlikely there is any answer, but a shot in the dark is worth it

I replaced the LCD on a 2021 16" and customer complained about no FaceTime camera being detected and backlight issues - I replaced both ICs and backlight works fine now.
I have tested the customers display on another Mac, and the display on another Mac on his device. The result is the same; his camera works absolutely fine, just not on his Mac.

Lid sensor is not the issue either as the microphone works.

Diode readings were taken for the webcam FPC on the logic board, and they are all correct when compared to another A2485, leaving only the ISP in the SoC. Thre are two resistors on the I2C line but the diode reading is correct, and we never work on a Mac without unplugging battery first. I can only think of two causes: ESD damage to the board, or Apple triggering some kind of security mechanism due to EDID not matching? Is there anything worth trying?
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