ASD 3S146 freezes on every machine 2011 - Machine problem or more likely bad ASD?


Hi there

I've used a lot of ASD images and I always use the EFI-version without any issues.
But only on version 3S146 the machine freezes as soon as the USB drive starts.
I got the same issue on different machines.
I tried both version (EFI and OS) with USB-Drive, USB-DVD drive and USB-HDD.
And always with the same result: as soon it reads the medium it shuts the USB power off and freezes.

Is it a known problem?
Is it a bad download?
Is it a bad machine? All of them?
Is it maybe the ASD knows I'm not apple authorized?


3S146 is for MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Are you sure you use on correct machine? If using on MacBook Pro you need 3S148


in the ASD post I've put a list of which ASD is for which machine and a link to a torrent where to get ASD, seem to work for me, is a 52 gb of files. hope this helps