Best Suppliers.


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Where do u feel you get the best quality and best prices.

I realize this is a sensitive subject for some but were here to learn and share, so if youre comfortable post as you feel necessary.

Ill be aggregating a list of some of my tops after the holidays. (right now just setting up post to kill time on the way to fam)

Happy Easter to those that celebrate and happy Sunday to those that dont.


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Ok. Just got home.
Here are my best suppliers for cell phone parts...

For quality:

For price: (warning a lot of these parts are not as quality as i would like them be, but as a company the are fast and dependable for order fullfilment and offer competitive low quantity prices for those price focused customers)

I post some bulk supply providers and equipment sources later.

As an fyi: our parts sources will lean more towards cellular as we've mostly done cell phone work, game system repairs and some limited custom circuit projects. +the cell phone board repairs that i reluctantly admit were easy enough that i could rate-whore myself out so that i could close the deal and say 'yes, we do that... Look at me!'.

Just now getting into board repairs for customers as i bought into the notion that they would never be willing to pay for board fixes on microsoft laptops and cellphones. For the life of me i dont know why i subconsciously grouped apple destops and laptops in with the lot. The value matrix of apples more upper end products does justify the effort and price, so im playing catch up.
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I geared up towards iPhone/iPad repair originally. But everyone (every street has 2) in this corner of the world owns a $50 heat gun and calls himself a repair technician and reflows the PMIC to fix a blown b/l filter. So I migrated towards a service that: a/ no one is offering OR not reliably; b/ clients are less price-sensitive; c/ clients are more sensitive to reputation of the repair shop because their device is expensive and will not let just anyone attempt just about anything; d/ can more often afford to wait a week for resolution without bitching that they're missing on their lives. AND since I originally trained on repairing iPhone boards, working with Mac boards feels like navigating on a football field and no repair job for now seems to difficult. My weaknesses so far are trouble shooting, experience with these boards, and some material/parts sourcing. Working on all those together. Purchased 7 scrap boards the other day from a prominent sales and repair shop (has 3 branches) the other day to use for parts, and turned out that I could fix 6 of them (the 7th is original MBA, not worth my time). This goes to show I may have found a need to fulfill, for a year or 2 at least.