Clean me region


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hi al.

Any one has a Good tutorial on How to clean up the "ME Region" in your SPI.
Replace with clean dump That is.

Duke is already busy and i want to learn


Short version:

Find INTEL FITC tools for your specific version, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.
Read BIOS with FIT and identify ME version.
Find a BIOS update from any manufacturer Toshiba/Acer/Dell that has the same ME version. This must be an update and not a dump from a used board. If you cannot find the exact version find something higher as close as possible.
Paste the fresh ME into your BIOS but leave the first 4096 bytes of your original BIOS in tact. It contains all the settings for the ME. So area that is pasted is usually 0x1000 to 0x170000-0x190000, just scroll through and you'll see the ME end somewhere around there and BIOS area start at 0x190000.
Once done load up both new and old BIOS in 2 instances of FITC and compare all ME settings to see if they match, edit any differences.

Google has many more details...
Read Intel ME "bring up guide"