CNC some ICs of a board


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Hey Louis and others,

In another thread you mentioned something about CNCing ICs from an iPhone board to unlock the iCloud lock. And in some of your videos you mentioned that Jessa does not let you use her CNC machine. And I also watched some youtube videos about CNC machines for iClod lock removal. But what I don’t understand is, how this works. In my personal opinion a spinning drill is one of the worst things that could happen to the pads on the board. But in the videos the pads are shiny, just like out of factory.

So, why does it work? Why isn’t the CNC machine rip the pads with the Chip off the board? And why is the CNC so accurate, that the thin pads get polished but not damaged?


Back in my ingeneering studies I learned something about machining, tools and materials.
The harder the tool is the less force is required to cut through softer materials.
Since the tool is able to cut through steel it needs absolutely no effort to clear of the solder.
The pads see no shear forces.
Imagine a hot blade through butter - no force :)


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Removing ic whit a cnc makes life easyer.
But i doubt Louis wants any talk here About removing stolen shit


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Repairable I don't care about stolen shit. But what I do care of is my own toolset and my skills. And if there is a procedure I don't know, I'd like to find out more more about it.

Tony Tone

I was thinking on buying this CNC tool as well, but not for iCloud crap. It looks to be a valuable tool in getting threw underfill and tight areas where you'd normally need to remove everything just to get to a damn chip. Anyone use one of these? Is it great to have?