Dealing with Apple's CarPlay bullshit


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So, Apple keeps changing the connectors every 5 seconds and the design paradigm every 5 seconds for CarPlay and this creates a cat-and-mouse game between Apple and head unit developers. I've reported this fucking issue 3 FUCKING TIMES TO THEM! And they refuse to fix it. CarPlay crashes all the fucking time if you do too many things at once, and Apple doesn't care enough to fix it because it's not their problem, And I'm not jailbreaking my phone anymore like it's 2010 fucking again because Apple can't be assed to do their job.

Here's another asshole I just had to deal with! While walking to the fucking parking lot to get a picture of the stupid cable and how I cut it with a knife to know which side of the thunderbolt is up (which they used to print a USB logo on it and people still couldn't get it right #SuperPosition) some fucking asshole gets in my face about Apple Juice. So he calls the cops, and I yell at the cops on the phone and at him, give him the finger and leave screaming. I fucking hate assholes. I got a dash cam on my car so if he fucks it up I got video of it. All of them, assholes who just want money. Scammers. FUCK THEM!