Early 2013 macbook pro Retina


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Customer contacted about an early 2013 13" with external display issues. here is his message to us.

"My MacBook pro (early 2013) will randomly get a black screen any time that I connect it to an external display. By black screen I mean that there's nothing that will make it, no image will be sent out, but you can still feel that the fan is on, and the keyboard is lit up. I thought it was a beta issue, and after two visits to the Apple store they said they "fixed" it by downgrading it back to High sierra. But that was not the case, it wont black screen as much, but I'm assuming its an issue with the onboard nvidia gpu"

wondering if this is something worth trying to fix?



Do you have the computer with you ? Because I don’t fully understand your clients message. Is it only external display that’s not working or is it also internal ? If it is only external display problems you need to check everything not board realated first. Such a as try another external display/cable/RIO board/RIO flex and connectors etc.

Also your client talks about a 13-inch machine with onboard Nvidia GPU. It doesn’t make sense as that’s not possible beacuse the 13-inch has no dedicated gpu. That is only the infamous 15-inch that has this.


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Not sure, also thought it was weird, i'm waiting on him to bring it in so will report back once/if he brings it in. Thanks for the info guys.