"Getting in shape"


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So recently I decided to become a better person through self improvement. I quit 4chan that I became addicted to after my girlfriend cheated on me and I wanted to hack them and find out things to report them for fraud to the FBI, but I found MUCH worse things that made me want to quit even more and reported that too. Long story short, hacked them, found out shit I didn't like, hacked their Tor relay, found out they were posting things to an enemy website they didn't like to try and get that taken down because they were attacking 4chan, and that turned into a whole mess, so I hatched a plan to divide and conquer them. Separate the people who want to be there from the people who don't. I've left 4chan in utter chaos, all the jannies who couldn't deal with me quit, and the ones who can deal with me are dealing with the aftermath now of a ton of trolls running ramped and not being able to be banned, because I figured out the security vulnerabilities in their system, used their information against them to harass them for 4 months, then when I was done with them I ejected them. So many fucking people in my life have been pissing me off to no end dude. You have no idea how far this goes. Look up Chris Grief pedophile. He was a friend from NY who when I was done with him I ejected him. He was dumping frogs down his pool tube and abusing animals and wanted me to take my clothes off. I detected he was sick in the head and did what my doctors told me to at the time: "Get rid of him. He's not your friend." So I did and hatched a plan to get him to hate me. I manipulated him and said I was a hacker as a small brag at the time (which I was, but long story short) I got him to join our IRC channel, ran the fuck home to Pamela Drive, which was close to his house at the time, and then from my Windows terminal at the time, I LARPed as one of the OPs in the channel and told him "Ask your friend for a remote desktop session and install Sub7 on his computer and eject the CD tray." He did it like an idiot, and got the kids at school to bully me. That was phase 1 of my plan. Phase 2 was to fight the kids at school and beat their ass up. Which also worked, and I got kicked out of Longwood High School. After that I moved to Franklin High School where I continued to fight with kids who pissed me off. I have been fighting people my entire life, and I'm done fighting. This is GET_CURRENT_YEAR_AS_INTEGER() and I'm done fighting. I'm tired. I'm 30+ years old dude. I can't keep fighting people anymore. But you should tell someone if they're pissing you off. Bottling up your emotions gets you nowhere. Here's all the walking and running I've done TODAY from everyone pissing me the hell off.