Incredibly high-quality repairable boards for sale; discount for forum members.


I run a very large logic board repair shop on the East coast. We repair a lot of boards, and in doing so, we buy a lot of boards/units from large vendors. Well, we're very "stock-rick" right now, and will never, ever have a chance to get to all the boards we have (thousands). These are all very, very high-quality boards, and the vast majority (95%+) are "virgin" boards that have not been touched by anyone prior to us removing them from their units. These are what you want when buying boards for-repair, as they will have largely minor issues (no backlight, no power, minor liquid, no audio, no isight, firmware lock, etc).

We are listing them all on eBay in lots of 20, but will offer any forum member a discount of 10% if you are interested in buying--just message me or reply here and we can go from there! Also, just let me know which models you would like in your "lot" and we'll make it happen. We will only be selling these in lots of 20, as any less makes it hard to justify the time involved to put the order together. Most boards will be 2011-2015 models, but we do have newer boards available as well.

We have approximately 5% of the boards available listed above. But you can get more information there and see photos of the quality of boards we are selling. We don't sell junk, and every single time we sell boards to a forum member, they always request a 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc) batch. ;)

A quick little excerpt that we include in the auctions as well:

What issues these boards might have: Minor-to-moderate liquid damage; damaged connectors; damaged/knocked-off (not removed!) components; no backlight; no power; iCloud/DEP/Firmware Lock; no audio; bad RAM; no microphone; no iSight/camera; no keyboard/trackpad function; won't charge battery; doesn't detect battery; no video; bent/broken/damaged heatsinks; bent/damaged I/O ports or shielding; or any other issue that may affect the functionality of a particular board.

What these boards WILL NOT have:
Obvious prior repairs or tampering; "missing" or "pulled" components (boards may have damaged or knocked-off components); visible liquid-damage directly to the CPU power supplies; visibly broken/cracked PCB or board; heavy or "catastrophic" liquid-damage. Basically anything that makes it obvious that a board is not worth the time/effort to repair.


Just added some Mac Minis! Hard to find boards here, and a little insider information: 50%+ of these are simple firmware/DEP locks, and may work just fine once unlocked (but are technically/officially "untested").