iphone 5 will work via battery charge, will not charge. Reads 0mA.

Have a iphone 5 will run off the battery's charge using wake/power button but will not charge the battery. Also with lightning cable will not power iphone and will not detect or prompt boot when lightning is plugged in, no current shown.

I know I'm new at learning the "common" faults of iphones and repairs of this type since I'm working in new electronic repair field now. But expert at schematics and repairs of this type and electronics for years.

Already tried another lightning flex and different battery with no change. No water damage, no previous repair or physical damage to SMD components. I could not proceed with zxw on new computer today so I'm stuck at this moment. (Already posted different topic on ZXW isslues.)

This 5 was dumb fix. Happy to report now :) New flex was defective and came from Tech, I have low opinion of these parts from Tech since had 3 screens with pressure spot that appears when assembled, one of same three also died when trying to get that spot to disappear (searching for anything that presses from behind LCD panel, there's none. Another used charging flex fixed that rather simply and ended up deaf mic due to misplaced mic's stickers stacked 2 layers and missing mic rubber boot. I'm going to give lecture to other tech who fudged the charging port flex assembly that introduced another problem (mic thing) for me to fix also the home button contact springs under this had lost stickiness so I put new piece of double sided sticker too. Simple test if mic is deaf but light impact test (tapping on the cellphone) using a small plastic handle can tell if mic works or not. If responds easily to tap test, you know why either mic system is dirty, liquid (anything even from cleaning) drowned or installed improperly.

Also the speaker assembly screw ears was broken in pieces so cannot stay in place out of reliability concern due to 2 spring electrical contacts on bottom of speaker is spring loaded so I raided good one from same iphone 5 parts where I got the mic's rubber boot from.

Simply gave it a new battery anyway tested the old battery with the new battery tester says rather old and 5 did boot loop with old battery.

Customer used 5 for dictation (many memo recordings) so that is needed to fix the mic properly.

On any iphone screen replacements, watch out for displaced ear speaker grille mesh. The grille mesh itself is embossed in exact size as the slot opening, if misplaced slightly the speaker will not sit level even secured. Inspect that and peel again making sure you got the grilled unstuck from the back of LCD screen assembly, reposition that grille correctly before you stick the mic down to save your trouble and time. :) Sometimes the rubber boot for ear speaker is misaligned as well.

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