iPhone 6 power rails sequence


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I am currently working on a liquid damaged iPhone 6. But not sure where to start after cleaning. I cant seam to find any page about power rails to see if they are all there. So I am wondering what power rails are required for the phone to power on? Is there a power sequence like MacBooks have G3H > S5 > S3 > S0? The Board still had no power/boot after cleaning in a crest ultrasonic. PP_VCC_MAIN has no short and 4.2V, CPU gets warm but not being detected via usb or any display. Phone is drawing 1 amp via USB. Tested using know good housing and display. What else should I test and am I missing something obvious
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As much as I don't know get a block diagram and check the 11 outputs on CPU and PMU, I do that and still fucking lost. I have the same question(s) as you. Share if you find out. I'm trying to find a starting point and a way to systematically go through stuff and fix it. I hate not knowing. & impossible to figure out (impossible bc I'm ignorant).