iPhone Memory Upgrade by Nand replacement


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Hi everybody,
What do you think of this kind of service?
Has anyone tryied or has experience?
If anyone, what tools are you using and where to buy nand to flash?

I was thinking that i could offer a service like this here in swizterland, and i' d like to have also opinion from you.

Have a nice day!


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Think About it
Machine for programming iPhone €690,-

Chip 128gb 80 is dollar
Time and risk € 0,0 ????

Price differennce for 16gb or 64gb buying new iPhone €99,-
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Yes, that's true.
But, I' ve found the machine for 64 bit reprogrammin at lesser as 500 usd and chip 128 cost about 60 dollar by my supplier. I live also in switzerland, and here the life cost is very high but the salary is also high, i think i can market memory upgrade to 64 for about 100 dollar and to 128 for about 130. That wouldn' t bad, i think it' s good profit because once mastered it should take 15-20 minute for device.

So anyone else know anything about tools and chip supplier?



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15/20 minutes disassemble phone and reassemble and remove and place new chip + programming?
No way in hell.

So 0 risk to buy iPhone 64gb + $100,- instead of 16gb

You ask same price?
What wil you do when you brick my iPhone ?
How mutch warranty?

I hope you can buy ic for less then $10,-


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Ok, so better not take risk with this kind of business...
The cost of the chip it's the first problem, was 10-20 dollar maybe this could have been a good service to offer.

Thank you for your thoughts :)


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It is not my intention to discourge you.
But just to let you think 1 step more then Some peeps.
Indeed if the chip was cheaper it would be a "beter" service.
But this is a hard service becuase a person Brings in a 100% working device (you wil also need to check everything from that phone before you even remove the First screw!)
Then little later you are going to tel him his precious just died..
It wil be hell
Hope when you bump into a new busniness booster you wil tel. Love to share opinions


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Maby it is.
But stil.
What price you ask for the service of "forgotten" pascode email screenlogin etc.

And ammount of time it takes