LB 820-3662 Eaten by soda


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So I have a 15" retina, finally something worth fixing. However, has been eaten alive by coke I guess.

Well, decimated the thunderbolt circuit and charger circuit. The Diode D7105 has only pin 3 pad left, but 1 and 2 are gone. I want to focus on these two first.

I am trying to figure out the best way to connect pins i and 2 on the diode. (need some advise here) Is there a way to connect them without running a trace to the resitor on the other side of the board? Can i attach them both to the probe point #528 and soldier the two legs on the diode together?

I will be replacing all the components on the charger dc in circuit, i have it all prepped and ready to be replaced, the traces seem intact. (so far)

The rest of the board seems visually fine, but when the charger gets plugged in it sparks, so i am sure this is just the beginning .
I have attached a photo of the schematic page where the damaged occurred IMG_1267.JPG Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.55.59 PM.png


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Solder pin 1 and 2 from D7105 together and run a wire to pin 1 of Q7010 or to pin 1 of R7020, both are on the same side as diode.....


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Ok, here is an update so far:
I have replaced the charger dc in circuit from the top right red box in my previous post. Trace from pin 2 of C7194 was bad (P5V1_SW) so i ran a jumper to pin 1 of L7195. Installed new D7105 and soldered pin 1 and 2 together.
Here is my next challenge:Q7010 uses pins 1,4,5,6, I have 5 and 6, but 1 and 4 traces are gone
.Traces for r7010 and r7012 are gone.
I have to replace q7180, not sure how to remove from donor board.
Also pads are gone for R7120
Will be getting good at
running jumpers.:rolleyes:
Is there any benefit to testing power at this point?


This board is trash, don't waste more time. If I get a machine that looks like this it is instantly going in the trash pile.