List of apple macbook parts and where to buy them


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So as I mentioned in another thread, i'm new to specializing on apple products but old to being in electronics service and repair. One of the things that are becoming very apparent to me on doing this field of work is that parts can be expensive because they are related to the apple name. I

I see a lot of the ICs are hard to find and sources such as vendors on alibaba or aliexpress are the main go to. In some cases though the part is a widely available part if you know where to look. The other day I replaced an EMC1704 IC and found that it was readily available from digikey for about a buck fifty. Same goes for chips like LP8550. The prices are okay but I'm sure if you were to look under a more apple related name that same part would go for a few bucks more. That same EMC1704 can cost around 10 bucks if you put the apple name next to it when searching. Other things are not so easy to find without relating them to the apple name. Today I got my first case of a fried keyboard backlight connector. Though the replacement is not crazy expensive, I think I could find it for less than 5 bucks if I could narrow it down with just a manufacturer part number. Does anyone have any clues as to where i could get that one? This is especially good if you want to stock up on a large amount of the same part for future use.

Should we make a list of such parts? I feel it would be a handy resource for people doing repair.



Anyone want to add to the list? I'd love a cheaper source for the 820-4924 keyboard backlight connector if it's possible.

Currently this seems like a good source, price not optimal for a larger quantity purchase.
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