Magic repair touch


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Has anyone else have experienced this phenomenon? What are the reasons for it?

Every now and then I just probe or touch a part with my tool and the motherboard fixes itself.

Had one just now sitting on my desk, no fan spin.
(820-3115). PP5V_S3 was 5V, PP5V_S0 was between 1.7 and 2.3V but no short. P5VS0_EN_L wasn't pulling down more then 1/10th of a volt from 5V. I blamed this on Q7802 and probing the pads confirmed this.
However for some reason I slightly pressed/touched the top of the casing of Q7802 with my probe and bam! The system is now running and kept on running.
No bad solder connection to the pads, no corrosion. Device was not water damaged.

This isn't the first time this happened to me as well, I think this is the 3rd laptop I have fixed just by probing. Usually I run ASD for fun and replace the part anyways because I want to deliver a professional repair but still... How does this happen haha


If I touch it and it alters state, I try to rip it all off an replace it if possible...
No one likes you when their machine works intermittently.