Not a Mac but a charging circuit issue


I've spent the last week trying to sort my sons brand new Acer laptop for a charging issue after liquid damage.

Originally it wouldn't turn on but I found shorting caps on the 19VB_CHG circuit. Replaced those with the same and the laptop fired up fine, works on charger or battery but won't charge the battery.

I downloaded the schematic for the board and the board view to see if I could fix it.

It boosts the rail going to the battery for about 5 seconds shortly after plugging in the charger. Tried another battery, another charger, tested pretty much every resistor I can see on the circuit that might sense current draw etc, I even replaced the charging IC.

Still does the same and I'm totally stuck.

I know it's a long shot asking for no mac related help, but its my sons and its a pretty expensive laptop that didn't even last Christmas!

I can attach the schematic page for charging circuit or can post the whole schematic and board view if it helps anyone have an idea what I'm missing.