Program or pair new TouchID power button, 2016/17 A1706/7?


Has there been any news/progress or solutions to pairing a new TouchID power button with a 2016/2017 A1706 or A1707 board? Have had three occasions now where it would be helpful to do.

Any recommended methods for repairing a torn Cable? Traces are incredibly small and tightly packed; seems impossible. Has anyone dissected one of the actual buttons to see if the hardware may be transferable? Any info on whether Ghostlyhaks or anyone else is working on BIOS/T2-related stuff for the new models? Curious if pairing a new button via editing the BIOS might be an option. Secure Enclave probably shuts that down.

just curious. These new models are a hoot.
These are like the iPhone 7 home buttons. To repair them I had to get 30x eye pieces and a fiber optic ring light just to see the detail I needed. I also had to make my own soldering tips. These are not easy to fix! as far as programming them. You are toast.