repair flexgate macbook pro 13 2017


Well, I repair the flexgate of this computer the problem is solved that does not have video but has another problem in the lower lighting, I would like to know if you have any idea problem if it will be a problem with the screen or the same cable badly repaired or other problem. I do not have another screen with which to test, attached image of the problem.thanksPHOTO-2021-12-24-09-02-45.jpg

Mac Tech

in fact it is a problem of bad welding in the lines. It may be due to the type of wire you use to make the bridges.

It has happened to me before.


Okay, I've found the problem. There was a short between LED_RETURN_1 and GND. It was not visible, I guess a tiny little bit of solder ran into the gap between the old and the new flex cable. I have reworked it and the backlight looks perfect now. Many thanks to tcampbell34 for the link. (y)😊