Serial number shows on AHT Screen?


Was running AHT on a 2015 board today, and noticed something I'd never seen before; the unit's serial number was shown permanently (the entire time after booting to option+D) in the bottom-left hand of the screen, along with a barcode. I've never seen this before and hope I'm not crazy, but just curious if anyone has seen it before. Is it something new that was added to the internet AHT, or part of a recent firmware update (Mojave?)? Just curious.

Honestly I just wanted to make sure I didn't have some rare pre-production board or something, lol. Photo below!


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OK, I guess they just added it to internet AHT. I've booted 3 more 2015 models the past day or two and they all now have it. Pretty convenient, I guess.

Disregard! :D