[SOLVED]820-2850 liqued damage around battery connector


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old "pos" came in liqued damage around battery connector.
First replaced C7035 and C7036.
then had short on battery connector line PPVBAT_G3H_CONN
after removing Q7055 and C6950 stil had short, after removing battery connector short gone (pin inside connector was bent and was making contact with the side of the connector ground)
replaced connector
0 volt on PPVBAT_G3H_CONN
replaced Q7055, now get 12.43volt
but stil have X mark in the battery icon
checked R5280 and R5281 (both give 1.998 Kohm) (measured 1 other board it also gives me around the same 2.001kohm...) schematics says 1kohm tho.. schematic wrong?

D6950 pin 2 i have 3.32 volt
D6950 pin 1 0.039 fluktuating to 0.595volt (replaced C6952 stil same result)
D6950 changed to make sure same result

U7000 replaced to make sure no change...

B: U7000 again to make sure..


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yes just lcd, battery and hdd

Damn SMC You know how mutch fun i have in that.... yes taking a correct one this time :)


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replaced SMC and ofcourse it works, charges fine now and also nice orange light

thanks again Duke

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