[SOLVED]820-3330 no backlight


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got a 3330 with 10.5v on both sides of the backlight fuse. the screen makes a little difference in lighting when powering on and off but the backlight does not come on. i can see the options menu when i put a light up to it. tried a different test screen and same thing. swapped out u9701 and have 3.3v on blk_en and 3.5v on PWM, do you think this could be the gpu?


What is the option menu ? Did you try to fully boot and log in ? If not then try as that can bring the backlight back.


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Do PRAM reset first.
Post resistance to ground and voltages too on both sides of D9701. Also check if diode is not shorted.
What you have on Q9707, pins 2 & 5?
Measure all voltages with LCD connected.