Wasted 820 2936 on red wine


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First board over with this extent of corrosion

corroded components
c6960 c6950 q7055 c7040 f7040 c7030 r7050

u7000 up down right piss components

j6955 gone

u6500 gone

u6700 gone

u6880 gone

components from l9701 to c7513 corroded green

bulg between L7030 j6702

Where should I start (labbit hole)

will post pics after ultrasonic cleaning


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this will be a nightmare. first fix obvious corrosion damage replacing the broken looking shit, then begin troubleshooting journey when components no longer look broken and traces are back to how they should be. but this will be a huge waste of time.


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Hi Louis, I am trying to purchase the ISL6259AHRTZ chip on your website. How can one tell if the chip is burnt?