Where to find a small clamp for reballing SMCs?


Hey all, curious if anyone knows where I can find a small clamp for doing things like SMC reballing. I've seen mention before of a store called Precision Rework, but I can't seem to track down anything under that name (perhaps they've since gone out of business), and I've tried 2 cheap ones off Aliexpress but the size as compared to the photo is huge (one I got is the size of an iPad - not useful for small chips lol). Thanks for any help you may have!


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When I was a watchmaker, I used to use this: https://www.amazon.com/LXIANGN-Adjustable-Magnifying-Alligator-Soldering/dp/B08Q3NNHNB

It works well for holding the surface mount board while you do soldering. But if you're doing SMC shit, you need a microscope tray + the SMC rework station heat gun holder + the reball machine thing + all that nonsense. I used to ship it to a guy in Shanghai that did it for me for pennies, but he got arrested or something and stopped talking to me. Probably got found out at the company he was doing it at.