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Macbook Air 820-3437-B no chime no image

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  • Macbook Air 820-3437-B no chime no image

    Hi everyone,
    We got an MacBook Air main board 820-3437
    laptop was after liquid damage, smc area, bios and Backlight IC
    I reball SMC fix all traces, I getting now green orange light but laptop didn't shows image and no chime, fan spinning, cpu gets hot.
    Power is on all rails, CPU have Vcore voltage too.
    I tried Flash bios with clean dump from forum but no luck still same.
    I have removed backlight IC at this moment because I want try would may be cause this issue but is not.
    Any Ideas?

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    Confirm USB activity, if possible.
    Use pendrive with OSX (internal SSD disconnected).
    If Link LED flashes, USB OK.


    • #3
      Thanks for response, I tested that and mouse flashed once and no more activity I tried with another ssd with preinstalled OSX no luck and I tried boot it up from external USB same no luck.


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        Check all SPI Bus Serie Termination resistors and their traces.
        Try new BIOS, with clean ME.


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          SPI resistors are fine I checked and measured traces they are ok. I tried old bios with clean ME from forum no luck, I have replace bios IC and put same dump into it still no luck. Any more ideas ? I was 100% sure that bios will resolve this issue but it didn't..


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