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820-3332-A Macbook Pro Retina 15" Shorted on PPBUS_G3H

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    Is OK, post both values.
    But I asked you to check that on both side of F7040/41 fuses; after removed them.
    If problem remains on U7000 side, is not complicate.
    If the low value is on system side, then you can expect troubles...


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      I removed the both fuses

      Resistance mode.

      F7040 pin 2 = 35 k ohm

      F7041 pin2 = 35k ohm

      Diode mode:
      F7040 pin 1 = 0.472
      F7040 pin 2 = 0.035

      F7041 pin1 = 0.472
      F7041 pin2 = 0-035

      When trying to measure resistance. The DMM, sometimes has hardtime to make a reading. Sometimes showing K ohms.
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        Maybe i screwed something up when removing the Mosfet earlier. When using wick, (following Louis examples) the solder only get smeared out all over the joints. So the 3 Source pins are connected now with solder. But they shoudl be according to schematic(So thats not an issue I suppose?) Not the best practice, dont understand how Louis manage to do it. Need to find a better solution to wick pads. I checked the pins on mosfet with continuity mode and they are not connected /shorted together so thats good i guess?
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          1. When putting back the two F7040/41 suddenly when applying voltage the Q7080 gets super hot, I burned myself just now.

          2. When removing the F4040/41 its suddenly showing 17.6v on F7040(Pin1).
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            Ive been sitting here with the same board now almost 7 hours straight.. and still no solution..


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              if u cant help me fix, please do let me know, so i dont waste time waiting for replies..I can see you have alot of people to reply to? i need to gets these boards fix very fast..


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                We may not have the same working hours; this is not online assistance.
                I try to help you, but I expect that you don't experiment the way you did.
                You can get more damage on the board.

                Q7080 seems to be shorted, change it now.

                035 diode mode on the system side of the fuses is the problem.
                That means 60-70 ohms (into ohm scale).
                Now check every big coil in respect to ground.
                Let see if you get the same value.
                If yes, check the corresponding MOSFET to PPBUS_G3H (for that coil).

                BTW, you don't need to check values on both fuses; are tied together, cannot give different values...

                After replacing Q7080 check if get correct voltage on L7030; fuses removed, of course.


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